Education Involvement:

    With our cool mascot, Halli, we do life skills programs at schools. We leave seeds of knowledge in children’s minds to education them on important life situations example: Body preventative talk, love respect and bully and 7 more different topics

    Community Involvement:

    We assess clients at their homes (Helderberg area) to establish the context of their circumstances.
    We determine the immediate need, to enable us to plan our assistance to the individual/family.
    We assist in their physical and emotional needs for a short period.
    We help the families/individuals with what we have in our stores: groceries, clothes or any household items.

    Additional Community Involvement:

    We have Halli Clubs (8-10 years) and Halli Leaders Club (11-18 years):
    We get together monthly with the 2 clubs in Smartie Town and Zola on a Friday afternoon.
    We do life skills programs with the children.
    Our vision is to ensure that we invest in children who want to go out and not just to be the CHANGE but to be leaders, work hard and make a difference. We want children who are prepared to be forerunners for their generation.
    We give the leaders training during holidays. We get people in to give them half day training on leadership.

    Needlework Club:

    The ladies get together on a Friday morning, we have 2 mentors that teach the ladies.
    To empower women through a sisterhood to learn a new skill. The skill can be implemented to start an own sewing business or to be creative at home.

    Rehabilitation and Caring of Animals:

    We promote the care of animals in our community (Helderberg area) by educating the owners on the needs of animals and the owners’ responsibilities. We assist owners to sterilize their animals.
    We do care days in the community, we dip and hand out food parcels for the animals, but also educate them on taking proper care of their animals.


    Halli, our cool mascot is ready to meet you!


    Unexpected Gift And Blessing

    Halli Trust stands in the gap for our precious communities through education.

    Our mission is to make an immeasurable difference in our communities through education and the creation of awareness.

    To have Halli Trust become a self-sustaining NPO with the ability to spread its wings both across and beyond the Helderberg Region. To have an outcome to measure and observe the change, impact people can make in their communities and their lives. Our vision is to see Halli Trust as a strong NPO with healthy finances and to spread our wings beyond the Helderberg area.

    Our motto is to be grateful, faithful, humble, and honest. To have integrity, compassion and be transparent at all times. We want to serve our communities and make a quantifiable difference.


    Meet The Fabulous Halli Trust Team

    • Heidi Naude

      CEO Trustee

    • Martin Naude


    • Nicole van Rensburg

      Office Assistant

    • Belinda Mohr

      Chairman Trustees

    • Kobus Massyn


    • Marli Engelbrecht


    • Fiona Pullen


    • Leonie Taljaard

      Needlework Mentor

    • Anastacia Molaoa

      Community Representative Zola Lwandle Nomzamo

    • Baby Girl Olwakhe

      Homework Club Nomzamo

    • Dulang Likotsi


    • Gerda Isaacs

      Homework and Reading Club Smartie Town

    • Gloria Hungana

      Community Representative Zola Nomzamo Lwandle

    • Helen Jonkers

      Needework Representative

    • Lucatia Mdungwana

      Reading Club Nomzamo

    • Mandi Scott

      Homework Club Nomzamo

    • Naz Hendricks

      Community Representative Macassar

    • Rene Smith

      Animal Representative


      • 17 Romulus Street, Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa, 7130

      • 082 339 6876

      • (021) 851 9591 (landline & fax)

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      NPO: 086-574-NPO
      PBO: 930 046 617 (Article 18A)
      Income Tax Reference: 3009/601/16/6
      BEE Verification Certificate: (Version 1) Level 1



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