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Halli, our cool mascot is an Akita Japanese dog. He is a fun and loving mascot. Halli assists us with various educational talks on Wednesdays and Thursdays mornings.
We would appreciate a
R5/or more contribution from the children towards a Halli Visit, alternatively a goods donation will be appreciated.

Vision: Through our educational talks, we want to leave seeds of knowledge in children’s minds that educators and parents can further develop.

How can you make a booking?

A Halli Visit Booking Form must be completed, when booking a Halli Visit (bookings need to be made at least 2 weeks in advance, plan your year and book your visits with us for the year)
We do Halli Visits on Wednesday and Thursday Mornings.

  1. Email us a possible date and send the completed booking form as an attachment.
  2. When you open the attachment, compplete it, click SAVE, and send it back to us.
  3. You can phone us, and we can complete the booking form over the phone.

Halli Trust Office Contact:

021 851 9591 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 082 339 6876 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Speak to Nicole for assistance

The earliest we can start with a Halli Visit is 10h00 and the latest is 11h00. We need about 45 minutes to set up our program and get Halli ready
Halli needs a separate room to get ready for the talk
A chair and a table would be fantastic
Ages of the children is from 4 years to Grade 5

Please allow an additional half an hour to your program time to accommodate us in case of emergency with transport, directions or unforeseen circumstances!


Body Preventive Talk Private parts on my Body (4 years Grade 5)
Love, Respect and Bully (5 years Grade 5)
Healthy Eating (4 years - Grade R) - smaller groups
Road Safety (4 years - Grade 3)
Child Safety/Hygiene (4 years - Grade R)
CHANGE starts with ME (Grade 3 5)
Fire Safety (4 years - Grade 3)
Animal Care (4 years Grade 3)
NSRI Water Safety (4 years Grade 5)
Other Talks: If you provide us with a subject in advance, we can do it for you

Additional Visits:

Christmas Parties - Halli has a beautiful Christmas Hat
Birthday Parties or to sing, dance and have fun with your children for any occasion at your school

We bring coloring pictures and a sweetie for the children that they can take home or that they can use to make a letter for Halli and give it to him at the next visit.
We also put up a banner and have our own sound system.


Halli Visits is from March October during the school term

Halli Can't Wait To Meet You!

By completing the form below, rest assured that Halli will be at your next event.

(Please note that the above ‘Proposed Date’ does not guarantee that Halli will be booked on that particular date and that Halli Visits are subject to availability.)

Special Requests From Halli Trust

  • Children must be older than 4 years old. The oldest children can be about Grade 5 depending on  their emotional maturity;
  • We prefer smaller groups and would rather arrange two visits to your school or event (±500- 600 in a group or smaller); 
  • If possible, we prefer to not to stand in the sun please! The program is about 1 hour to 1½ hours long;
  • It will be greatly appreciated if the Teachers can assist with discipline. It is very important to us as we want to use our time together and make an impact on the children. Thank you so much for having us at your event.