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We are a circle of friends working together, taking hands.
Together we stand for a cause that is very close to our hearts!
We are proud of who we are and what we stand for!
Passion and hard work is important to us, to accomplish our work in the communities we work in.

Therefore, we have a few Halli guidelines for what we expect of you as a volunteer.

We expect you to:

  • Be completely and totally honest on all levels.
  • Be humble and transparent at all times.
  • Help and make a difference wherever you go.
  • Give your utmost best all the time.
  • Protect the name of Halli Trust and correct people if you hear of any false statements or beliefs about Halli Trust.
  • Learn and understand what Halli Trust is about. Learn our information page and the story behind Halli Trust.
  • Look after your Halli Trust clothes. Make sure that they’re clean and wear them at all public events.
  • Pants or skirts must not be shorter than knee length.
  • Make sure you are a good example for others.
  • Be on time.
  • Notify us 24 hours before an event if you are not available.
  • Give your best and build relationships with other people.
  • Have a caring heart and respect for our community and for animals.
  • Be committed with us to make a difference in the community.
  • Have a teachable spirit.
  • Talk to us if you feel you need to debrief a situation.
  • Let us know if you do not want to be a Halli Trust volunteer anymore.
  • As a Halli Trust volunteer, be aware what you post on social media/ status etc. No selfies shall be taken while volunteering at Halli Trust.

We also expect you to be aware that:

  • We have worked hard to have systems and structures in place at Halli Trust. This is due to what we have learnt over the years. We want to ask that you will respect certain processes and ways of doing things.
  • No job must be too big or too small for you.
  • You should not expect or gain any rewards from us or anyone else but be part of Halli Trust to make a difference. In other words, check the motive of your heart.
  • We do not help financially.
  • We do not have a contract with any volunteer, we only compensate where necessary for transport costs.
  • We expect you not to use or sell any alcohol or drugs.
  • We expect you to be a good example.
  • When a child reports anything to you as a volunteer, it needs to be brought to our attention. You cannot deal with it or sort it out yourself.
  • You will see and experience things out of your comfort zone. Please talk to us!
  • If you are found guilty of any form of child abuse (verbal, sexual or physical) Halli Trust will ensure that appropriate action will be followed according to the Law of South Africa.

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