I, Heidi Naude have to start at the beginning with this story, as this is how the pieces of my life puzzle fitted into each other when I started Halli Trust at the age of 42.

I was born and raised in Namibia. After matric I came to the Western Cape. I studied for 2 years at the Tygerberg Technical College whereafter I worked in the catering industry, had my own catering business, became a mother, did a few things from home and worked at a toy shop in Somerset Mall.

While working at this particular toy shop, I realized the effect that a mascot has on kids during educational presentations and talks. I was also exposed to the community-side of this shop and it just touched my heart in such a way that I felt this was what I had to do!

When my dad (Daan Meyer), a farmer in Namibia, passed away at the age of 83 years in December 2008, my husband (Martin Naude) and I decided we were going to start our own Trust to give back to our community. We took some of my inheritance and started planning for the Trust.

Dr. Surita Roux (M.D.) joined us immediately and shared a wealth of wisdom as she worked at an NPO for many years. Her love for animals and ability to teach people to take care of their animals are infectious.

Thereafter, I had to find an appropriate name for our Trust, whereby I contacted Cheryl Hanekom, a good friend. Upon explaining to her what we had in mind, she looked up our proposed “Halli” name in the Greek/Hebrew translation Bible.

Halli means, “unexpected gift and blessing”. This was wonderful as we can receive an unexpected gift and blessing and give an unexpected gift and blessing when we help someone. With baby steps – or shall I say giant steps – Halli Trust started to come to life…

Keeping in mind that I had no prior knowledge about an NPO and what it entails and it was really difficult somedays. I prayed a lot, asking for knowledge and wisdom. I still struggle some days as I had to learn how to run a NPO, how to serve (to a certain extent) as a social worker; how to advance my IT skills; how to apply for grants and run Halli Trust like a ‘For-Profit’, as there is very little difference between a ‘Non-Profit’ and a ‘For-Profit’.

We had to decide on a mascot. After watching the movie Hachiko as a family in 2010, I decided to make our mascot an Akita Japanese Dog.

I loved the fact that their character is loyalty and friendship, and that’s what we want to achieve – to build friendships with community children.

Our mascot was made by Louis Niemand in Monte Vista, Cape Town and he looked absolutely super awesome!

We named him Halli. We created him to be a cool, teenage dude and have a creed that we teach to children.

My car is covered in paw prints, because we want children to feel they can build a relationship with us and trust us to talk about bad secrets in their lives. We showed Halli to the world on 17 September 2010 at Somerset West Primary School. (The 17th will also always be Halli’s and Halli Trust’s Birthday). What a day! We were excited, and proud, with hearts filled with gratitude. The inheritance that I got from my dad, the support from my husband,
children and friends made all this possible!!!

Our current Halli Mascot, is Dulang Likotsi who joined us in March 2017. He is a super awesome young man with a great teachable spirit and a very cool Halli.

We originally registered the Trust for Educational and Community Involvement. Surita’s passion to help animals started as a little flame and she’s making such a difference in the lives of so many animals. We registered Rehabilitation and Caring of Animals in February 2014 as the third function of Halli Trust.

We started to get more structure and it was great to be able to assist a family and their animals to make an even bigger difference. The Educational Involvement is with Halli, our mascot, and we do it on a Wednesday and Thursday, preferably during the morning. We try to reach out as far as possible. This is an hour and a half program with dancing and teaching.

As far as community involvement, we decided to only focus on the Helderberg area, due to limited resources. ‘Hand-outs’ as such, does not form part of Halli Trust’s practice. Halli Trust meets with families at their homes in order to do an assessment whereby assistance is thereafter given with what we can. If we have nothing in our stores (groceries or clothing), we wait until we can help them. I do not agree with just handing out food, because the child or individual learns nothing by standing in a que with a dirty plastic container, dirty pajamas, and not being taken care of hygienically.

The parent continues with the substance habit and the child gets taught to go for the hand-outs. The result is that these people never start working or doing something for themselves, because the “hand-outs” will look after my children. I want Halli Trust to make an immeasurable difference. My dream is to have an impact on a child’s life to be able to change a whole generation. The great thing about the Rehabilitation and Caring of Animals are that we included so many children and adults who were not taught to take care of animals. Now we can slowly, family by family, teach them to properly care for their animals. Halli Trust is a team of friends taking hands – ordinary people living out our passion and making a difference in our community. With God’s wisdom, leading and guiding, we can do what is important and we could grow with baby steps.

Gloria Hungana became a Halli Trust Community Representative and a trustee member in February 2014. As a family, they are making such a difference in their community and really lead by example. We want all trustee members to live out their passion and make a difference through what matters the most to them.

Gloria was my domestic worker for almost 10 years and she started studying to be a teacher in Jan 2015. We are very proud of her and know she is going to be an excellent teacher. Gloria is responsible for the Halli Trust Stores.

We have Halli Trust Representatives working in different areas of the Helderberg. The Trustees and Representatives are the core team of Halli Trust, and we have volunteers who help us from time to time. Each volunteer needs to complete an application form and go for a name or police clearance before becoming a volunteer. Over the years, we have learned to be careful as not everyone volunteering has good motives and we need to protect Halli Trust. We work so hard to promote Halli Trust and building relationships, that we do not want a volunteer or any other person to experience anything bad or say anything bad about Halli Trust.

In February 2011, I visited Smartie Town, Macassar for the first time. I was touched by the bad living conditions of some of the residents. The stories of sexual abuse, substance abuse and poor hygiene of the children and adults touched my heart. I decided that we will adopt this community with its ±250 adults and ±350 children and slowly start to build relationships, gain trust and making a difference in Smartie Town.

I met Aunt Elsie Jack during this time and we became soul sisters. Aunt Elsie is a pastor and overcome many challenges in her life. She is such a testimony to her community and leads with authority and have a very caring heart, making a big difference wherever she goes. She is the Com munity Representative for Smartie Town and Macassar.

I met 3 other remarkable ladies in Smartie Town, Aunt Helen Jonkers, Aunt Tinkie Baartman and Aunt Ollie Basson that would always volunteer and help. These four Aunties of Smartie Town have been there for me so many times. I can cry on their shoulders, pray with them, laugh with them and we can work very hard together.

I had a dream for a Needlework Project and eventually in August 2015 Lou-Ellyn Pienaar joined us. She made a huge difference by teaching the ladies basic needlework skills. We started with 7 ladies, but at present we only have four ladies.

Aunt Helen Jonkers became the Needlework Project Representative in 2016. We need to have someone in the community to take ownership of the Project. They have made little back-packs, shopping bags, beanies, bedcovers, tracksuit pants, bathroom sets, mats, hair bands etc. Due to a busy time in Lou-Ellyn’s life, having small children, she finished with the project in December 2016. My dream is still for this project to be successful and for the ladies to earn a sustainable income for the goods they make.

We started with several Substance Abuse Talks during 2016 to give necessary information and/or facts and testimonies about using substance. Aunt Tinkie Baartman and Aunt Ollie Basson are the Substance Abuse Representatives since 2016. They assist the people in the community who have questions. We don’t do talks anymore, but Aunt Ollie is assisting people who want help, to go to out-patient rehab and they will then book them into rehab if the person cannot cope.

I can promise you, we had great breakthroughs in Smartie Town, and although I have been treated badly and being accused of many false things, God has always been good and faithful and I will show this precious community that I will not give up.

We have had many great things happened already in Smartie Town. The ID truck went there twice, the children were taken to Zip-Zap Circus in Cape Town, we present holiday- and training programs, clean-up projects, collaboration events with other NPO’s, dance
classes and Prayer walks.

We have built relationships with many residents. Every year, since 2011, we hosted a Christmas Party in Smartie Town to end off the year. In 2015 we hosted 2 Christmas Parties for a total of 800 children, and in 2016 we hosted 3 Christmas Parties for a total of 800 children. This ended up in costing so much money that I decided that we will not do it again. I plan to choose 2 schools with about 100 children each and do something special, together with Halli Trust, to celebrate Christmas.

Anastacia Molaoa joined the Halli Trust team in 2013. Her passion for Halli Trust and her community is infectious. She is leading by example and making a huge difference. She is the Community Representative in Lwandle/Nomzamo and Zola.

In May 2015 Bernine Baumgardt started to volunteer in the Office. Her beautiful, gentle caring heart was very special to me. Bernine and her family became part of the Halli Trust family and we are extremely grateful for everything they do for Halli Trust.

Due to her busy schedule with her small children she could only helped until April 2016, but she still volunteers from time to time and remains an active Halli Friend.

In May 2016 Marvin Nicodemus from Elsies River contacted me through Facebook messenger and he said he wants to volunteer at Halli Trust. We cannot pay him a salary, due to little income, but only remunerate him for transport costs weekly.

Marvin has a very caring heart for the community and a teachable spirit. He is loyal, a good friend and such a hard worker. Marvin is a great help for me and hehas grown as a person and is making a huge, huge difference in Halli Trust. He is the Assistant Project Manager and a Community Representative in Elsies River.

Annissa Koekemoer, a Grade 12 learner from Paarlvallei High School and her friend, Richard, started a Homework Class in April 2017. This is going to make a big difference. According to statistical analyses over the years, this was one of the big challenges as lots of children struggle in school.

In 2011 Martin gave Gloria’s house a make-over in Nomzamo. In 2015 he built a house for Thumeka in Zola and in 2017 we could help Nelson to buy and collect building material for his house in Zola. Martin also helped him with his roof and Nelson has a beautiful little house that he is so proud of.

We had a few big functions to raise some funds- Halli Tea, Dance, Event at The Barnyard and other smaller events.

In October 2016, we had our first Golf Day. With the help of ATS Transport, this event was a huge success. Jaco Conradie, his family and business has made a remarkable impact on Halli Trust and supported me so much. I have learnt a lot from him. He has taken Halli Trust under his wings and just want Halli Trust to excel into a remarkable NPO.

Halli Trust received a tremendous blessing in December 2016 – a Ford Tourneo Bus sponsored by ATS Transport – Jaco Conradie and Johnny Bosch, Mountsure Brokers – Niel Koch, Rola Motors – Paul Botha and Sanlam – Philip Baumgardt.

This makes a huge difference and is a big help when collecting donations and transporting volunteers.

I contacted Eric Venter from ‘Ontbytsake’ in September 2016. I had an amazing interview with him, but unfortunately we couldn’t afford the 1 minute slot on the program. A big surprise came when I received a phone call from ‘Ontbytsake’. They said that they will do the 1 minute video for us and it will be broadcasted on the 1st of October 2017. Free of charge!! I couldn’t believe it, what a blessing! Here you can have a look at the stunning clip, enjoy!

Over the years we have partnered with many amazing people and companies. Michele Hlava Optometrist came on board and we could help lots of children with eye exercises and many adults received spectacles through Michele Hlava.

With the help of Rene Visagie Hearing World, Dr Leon Nel in Somerset West and Dr Meyer from Groote Schuur Hospital we were able to get two hearing aids for Kano Jacobs from Smartie Town in 2016. We are also involved on Madiba Day, on the 18th of July, to handout Beanies since 2014. In 2016 we handed out over 800 beanies to different schools in the Helderberg. The beanies were made by the Smartie Town Needlework Project and donated by Halli Friends in the Helderberg area.

We cannot begin to express our gratitude towards all the donations, monthly, once-off financial donations and support from so many amazing people in our community. For a full list of sponsors please visit our website. I have been extremely blessed during these 7 years. When people believe in what you do and they see your honesty, it’s humbling and warming that they trust you with what they give, and that we as Halli Trust can be a blessing to others.

That’s why I love the meaning of Halli – “unexpected gift and blessing.” We can receive and we can give. A few years ago, Gloria’s little girl gave me the name Nolothando which means “I have enough love to give.” How amazing, as my name, Heidi, also means love. A Non-Profit origination has the advantage of bringing a community together. Although it’s so difficult to teach people to “Give Responsible” and to give to a reliable NPO, rather than handing out at the street corners, and not teaching or most importantly not making a difference in that individual’s life. As a NPO we strive to work with other organizations to be able to make a difference in our community.

We are grateful for all the friends that talk about Halli Trust and share our posts on social media. It’s hard to run an NPO, it’s not easy. It’s almost more difficult to start and run a proper NPO than to start a For-Profit Business and to grow it into a successful organization. Over the years I have faced many challenges and difficulties, but I strive to develop Halli Trust into a NPO what will leave a legacy. In the beginning of 2017 I broke my foot and was forced to start the year a bit slower. I faced a few challenges towards the end of 2016 that put me in a bit of an emotional dip. I used the time to re-think certain aspects. One of the things is to not do the big Christmas Parties anymore and to rather start Halli Clubs. We started the first one in Smartie Town in February 2017 with about 80 children. This is for the 8 – 10-year-old children to teach them life-skills.

We will then select Halli Leaders from the older children and in the future, start a Halli-Leaders-Club. In May 2017 we started the second Halli Club in  Nomzamo area with about 100 children. I needed support and in January 2017, the Halli Friends Committee was started to help me with events and fundraising. I carry the burden of a lot of stress and planning to make Halli Trust into an outstanding excellent NPO. That I do with passion but I also need to look after myself in the process.

Something new that Surita started in 2017, is to do Doggy Drives in Smartie Town. This will also be aimed on educating people to look after their animals.

As we are celebrating our 7 years in September 2017, Lean and Sachia Venter offered to give Halli Trust a facelift and we have a brand-new logo. I am so excited, as this will take Halli Trust to a brand new exciting level. On this team, we are ordinary people making extraordinary things happen!

We are still in need of a lot of financial sponsors to make bigger things happen and to start paying salaries (one of my big aims for 2017), but we are growing and Halli Trust is busy making a bigger and bigger impact and difference on a daily basic.


  • You are AWESOME!
  • You are smart!
  • You are kind!
  • You are super important!

Be the change you want to see in the world! Do your bit by making a difference, remember it starts with you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story! For more information, please contact us or join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Brownie-points or sign up to become a volunteer.


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