Great Feedback from Body Preventative Talk

Education Involvement: One of the talks we do at Schools is the Body Preventative talk. This talk is specifically designed to help protect children against sexual abuse. It is wonderful when we get feedback. It just shows that one talk at one school can change the life of many children. It can also break the cycle of sexual abuse. Knowledge is so powerful. If you can teach a child what is ok and what is not ok, teach them how to say no, and stand up for themselves and how to communicate should they be in a situation or have been in a situation it can change their lives.

One of our Halli Leaders from Smartie Town, was in an uncomfortable situation at school with a little boy, whereby she and her friend reported it to the teacher and to Olie. This happened just after we did the Body Preventative talk with the Halli Club children, which she is part of. We are so grateful that we can teach children what to do when they feel uncomfortable. And not to keep a secret, but to talk about it!

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