We would like to share a beautiful testimony of God’s goodness about Gloria our Community Representative in Nomzamo/Lwandle/Zola area. One day, Gloria was sitting in the office with Heidi Naude, our CEO/Trustee. Things were difficult, as Gloria’s husband was unemployed and looking for work. Heidi prayed with her and declared that on that very day, he will get a job. Later that same day, Gloria’s husband got a call from an employer and he got a job.

A year or so later, Gloria went to see a family that lost their young boy in a tragic accident. At the time, the 2 sisters of the boy were in the same class where Gloria was the assistant teacher. Gloria prayed for this family. Quite some time later, she saw the mother in the street with a new baby boy on her back. She approached Gloria very happy and said she has a new baby boy.

She was so grateful to Gloria and reminded her that she prayed that day, when she visited the family with the loss of their son, that God will bless her with another baby boy. It is amazing how God restores, as Gloria couldn’t even remember praying for that specifically. God answers prayers. Isn’t it amazing how His Spirit leads us?

Also, the ripple effect of Gloria’s own miracle with her husband’s job, and then Gloria went to pray for another person in distress. There is power in prayer. We give God the glory. Thank you, Jesus, that you never leave us, nor forsake us. Thank you that you restore and that you are our helper and that you answer prayers and is the God of miracles.

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