Halli Trust Community Upliftment

Halli Trust’s Community Representative, aunt Elsie, had a huge impact in the De Beer family. Aunt Elsie inspired and encouraged them to stop drinking. They returned to the Lord and are now clean and their daughter have returned home. She is off the streets and also clean from drugs and alcohol. We want to thank […]

Our Wonderful Halli Trust Volunteers

Halli Trust wants to give a big thank you to Annissa Koekemoer (a Grade 12 learner), and Richard Schannie (a Grade 11 learner) from Paarl Vallei High School. They volunteered an hour of their time every Thursday in Smartie Town, whereby they helped junior learners in the community with their homework. These two wonderful Halli […]

Halli Trust In Action

Halli Trust delights in helping community members in any way possible and our supporters make these donations possible. Below is just another example of how our supporters make it possible for Halli Trust to do what we do. A reminder that the above is made possible by our loyal supporters. To become a Halli Trust […]